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about us

synergy estate

about us

Compassionate Care with a focus on wellness


Executive Residential Care & Recovery, LLC., dba Synergy Estate is a short-term crisis residential program that is licensed by the California Department of Social Services. The facility is also certified by the Department of Healthcare Services established in January of 2020.

Synergy Estate provides comprehensive adult mental health treatment in a residential setting. Located in Rancho Mirage, Synergy Estate specializes in treating mental health disorders, including but not limited to, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, personality disorders.

At Synergy Estate, we take a fresh, innovative approach to treatment and recovery, incorporating therapies and a holistic philosophy. We view success in the prism of crisis stabilization, recovery, and happiness.

our commitment

To provide compassionate and supportive mental health guidance in a higher level of care than outpatient services

Expert psychiatrist

the team provides a comprehensive evaluation and designs a customized treatment plan. the diverse therapeutic strategies utilized are grounded in both holistic and evidence based therapies

Compassionate care

Let us assist you with your mental health struggles in a safe and therapeutic setting designed to help you regain and maintain mental wellness

The facility is located in the beautiful desert on a secluded property.

The facility overlooks the golf course and has a pool, jacuzzi, outside BBQ and fire pits.

These beautiful features provide a calm and therapeutic experience condusive to healing.



private chef preparing specialized meals according to clients’ dietary needs and focused on exceptional taste and quality


Well-appointed and spacious rooms with attention to aesthetic detail and comfort