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Is synergy estate licensed as a mental health treatment facility

Yes. Synergy Estate is a Short-Term Crisis Residential Program. Synergy Estate is licensed by the California Department of Social Services. It is also certified by the California Department of Healthcare Services. The facility complies with all aspects of Title 22 and Title 9 of the California Code of Regulations. The program consists of care 24 hours a day in a monitored and supported living environment. Psychiatric and therapeutic treatments from our physicians, clinicians, and other professionals are provided. Residential treatment provides a unique opportunity for individuals with complex mental health disorders or dual diagnosis to obtain the best psychiatric and therapeutic care in an intimate, home-like setting.

How many clients do you treat at a time at Synergy Estate

Synergy Estate treats a maximum of six adult clients at a time. We provide an intimate environment in which individualized attention is given to each of our clients.

What type of accomodations are available

We offer semi-private rooms with private or shared baths, as well as shared rooms with a shared bath. Rooms are shared between two people of the same gender.

Can I bring a pet

Yes. We recognize the valuable role animals can play in your emotional stability and welcome pets that are certified as an emotional support animal or a service dog.

Can I tour the facilities

Yes, you are welcome to visit us to get a better understanding of our program and therapeutic environment. All tours are by appointment only. Please contact us at (760-832-8810) to schedule a visit.

are synergy estate treatment programs covered by my insurance

All insurance plans vary and benefits and coverage will depend upon your individual insurance policy. We assist clients in getting as much insurance reimbursement as possible for eligible services. Our admissions team can provide a verification of benefits before admission so you understand the exact cost of treatment.

how long will i have treatment

Your length of stay at the facility will be determined by you, your Psychiatrist and the treatment team.

Should my family be involved in my treatment

Family involvement can be helpful to aid in long-term recovery for our clients. Family involvement will be determined by the client, psychiatrist, and treatment team. 

Can i have visitors

Visitors are welcome at the facility. Visiting days/times can be arranged by our facility staff.