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Group Therapy: What is It, and Who Can It Help?

Group therapy for mental health is a counseling session with at least two patients gathered together, overseen by a licensed therapist. Most of the time, the group consists of more than five but often less than twenty. In most instances, there are several people going through the same situation and talking within that session. This treatment can help most people knowing that they are not alone.

At least one licensed counselor facilitates this group. In some instances, two counselors are facilitating the group. These counselors will guide and direct the group for everyone to open up and help each other during each session.

Group therapy provides a support system for patients. Individuals begin to understand that they are not alone in their treatment, and often, many others are suffering the same obstacles they are.

It also provides accountability within a group setting. While within the group, the therapy session helps the individual when preparing and for coping with the outside world. This support system will help them succeed with their objectives in getting better and fulfilling outside obligations.